"I want to personally thank all the staff at GolfSmart for the recent lessons that have made tremendous improvement to my golf game. I came into GolfSmart with a goal in mind but no specific plan. The GolfSmart team quickly identified my swing faults and gave clear instructions for improvement.

GolfSmart is a breath of fresh air in today's modern era of countless golf marketing and swing correction advice. Having GolfSmart's expert analysis, coupled with video feedback and clear instructions, makes GolfSmart head and shoulders above any and all other golf instructions that I have taken.

I strongly recommend that anybody looking for improvement to their golf game should try the unique approach offered by the team at GolfSmart. I believe that the instruction program that GolfSmart offers can save golfers countless hours and cost of inefficient instruction." - Elliott G

“I never played golf until I agreed to be #4 in a foursome for an industry scramble/best ball golf outing a few years ago. Two weeks before the outing, I walked into Golf Smart and signed up for a couple of lessons on how to hit the ball. I had two simple objective: I wanted to be able to hit the ball off of the tee box and onto the fairway and i didn't want to look bad.  At my age, I didn't have high expectations.  Last year, I took six more lessons just before the same industry golf outing and I was on the winning team. 

Anyone interested in taking up the game should definitely find a golf coach who teaches the basics with patience and perseverance like the coaches at GolfSMart.” - Daniel