Mary S

 My friend and I have been taking lessons for a little over a year. We were both beginners, never having picked up a club and have never felt intimidated or embarrassed from the very beginning. Ric and Kyle have worked teaching us what we need to know to enjoy the game. They are well informed but also patient and encouraging as teachers.

The other aspect that we have enjoyed is the indoor facility. We haven't lost any lesson days due to weather conditions which is a plus. They have the ability to set up to work on all types of shots. We have also found the video capability extremely helpful in working on our swings.
I would highly recommend GolfSmart!

 Response from the owner

Thanks Mary. It's been our pleasure working with the both of you and watching you make the progress you have made over the past year via our Ladies Group Program. And thanks for your comments regarding the benefits of our indoor facility and capabilities. As you said, the weather is always great at GolfSmart!

 Luc H

 Visited from Canada and took 3 lessons over a week, new to golf, and Ric and the team at GolfSmart really break down the fundamentals to make it easy to progress faster. The ability to look at yourself during the Golf Swing with their video technology and the feedback from your coach after your lesson is extremely valuable. I will always recommend going to Golf Smart and getting lessons for golf as it is the most cost efficient way to improve your scores!

 Response from the owner

Thanks Luc. We appreciate your comments. I especially like your comment related to fundamentals. We always try to teach from the foundation upwards since it is the fundamentals that enables the remainder of the swing. And as you say, using video and our launch monitors (Trackman and FlightScope) is a huge advantage as you work practice productively on the swing mechanics you were taught. Thanks for your recommendation.

 Jennifer M

 Golf Smart has been such a great place for my 8 year old son Hudson to learn how to play golf. Hudson was introduced to golf at one of their AMAZING camps when he was just 6 years old and his love for the game grew from there. He currently takes weekly lessons with Kyle and his game just keeps getting better and better. The improvements are amazing! Max, Ric and Kyle are genuinely interested in Hudson's growth as a golfer and are always quick to congratulate him on his successes. I highly recommend Golf Smart! Great place!

Response from the owner

Thanks Jennifer. We love working with young kids and watching them grow in the game as Hudson has done. We're really proud of Hudson and thank you for your support.

 Mark P

 Much better instruction than GolfTEC and at a much more reasonable cost. They don't hold back on things that can improve your game so that they can sell you more lessons—they try to get your swing as good as possible as quickly as possible. Almost never a problem getting access to the equipment, so can go work on my swing whenever I want, for as long as I want. And the guys are always happy to take a quick look and give me pointers if they are not in another lesson. Awesome place for golfers who are even mildly interested in getting better, and super convenient if you work in the Energy Corridor.

 Response from the owner

Thanks Mark. We appreciate your comments and business.
Our goal is to make the student the best possible player that we can. So no games, just straight forward and applicable instruction. Even when you are just in taking advantage of our practice program, utilizing our video equipment and launch monitors. We're happy to help. For you folks in the Energy Corridor area, take advantage of this practice program or Executive Lunch Special (see details on our website:

 Jenaye G

 We have been going to Golf Smart for over a year, and we have loved it! Our instructor has been Kyle, but all 3 of them are wonderful. They have been so patient, kind, and helped our 7 year old make great progress. He has had such a positive experience that now our 4 year old is dying to play too.

 Response from the owner

Thanks for your comments Jenaye. We truly enjoy working with your child and ALL kids (5 years and older) that come to GolfSmart! Glad to hear that his experience has been so positive.

 Dan M

 I  play in the senior league at Cinco Ranch. A few months back I had lost my swing. I couldn't break 90. It was at this time that I began working with Ric at GolfSmart.  Today I am a 13 handicap and headed down. As a matter of fact, I recently shot in the 70’s in competition for the first time ever.

Ric didn't try to change my entire swing, but showed me how to get into key positions properly in my back swing and maintain balance throughout my swing. Golf is fun again! 

To help me better understand what we were working on and to give me a place to go back and look at my corrected swing, Ric sent me videos after each session.  In the past when I took lessons elsewhere, I simply forgot what we had worked on.

At GolfSmart you are always comfortable and productive working indoors using their state of the art ball tracking and video equipment during your lesson or simply practicing.

I highly recommend GolfSmart to my fellow senior competitors or any one else.

 Response from the owner

Thanks for the wonderful review and your support Dan. You make a couple of great points. First, no need to change a swing completely when it only takes precision like adjustments. Secondly, the videos that are sent to the student are beneficial to both the student, as you suggest, but also to the instructor for future reference. Thanks again!

 Ian H

 This is a fantastic place to get real feedback and understanding of your swing. The instructors are top notch and the facility is very nice. If you want to make deliberate and beneficial changes to your game this place is worth your time.

 Response from the owner

Thanks, glad you enjoy the facilities, state of the art technology and the support you get from all the instructors. We appreciate your business.

 Mark P

 Our Son Weston has been taking golf lessons with a couple of different coaches in and around Houston. Then we heard about GolfSmart from one of the parent during one of our son golf Tournament. We schedule for a private lesson with Mr. Ric Teran and we knew from that 1st lesson that this is the right place where our son could improve his game tremendously! Great place, positive atmosphere, has some of the best instructors if not the best instructors in the Houston area!

Response from the owner

Thanks Mark and Tammy. Nothing gives us more joy and pleasure than working with and watching young kids like Weston develop into good golfers by stressing the importance of pre-swing and swing fundamental then individual swing techniques to match the student’s natural abilities and skills. We really appreciate your comments and continued support.

 Kenneth C

 3 great coaches and they have every tools and technology to help all ages to build a great golf swing.

 Response from the owner

Thanks for your review Kenneth. We enjoy working with you and your daughter and her friends. Seems like everyone, regardless of age, enjoys the tools and technology we utilize. 

Linda S

I am a senior women player.  My game is really improving.  When I came to Ric I was shooting over a 100.  My normal had always been 90-99 or mid 90's.  Now I'm shooting in the low 90's and even had an 89 the other day.  Even won a tournament with 3 other players!  I hope I can keep it up and more consistently shoot in the low 90's to high 80's or even lower.  I'm playing better due to my lessons with Ric.