Junior Golf Lessons at GolfSmart

FOR MORE THAN 17 YEARS, GolfSmart has trained juniors (age 5 through high school) through beginning stages, to intermediate levels and on to advanced and elite levels  (e.g. multiple Players of the Year at all age levels, and multiple Champions of District, Regional and State High School Tournaments, as well as Texas State Junior Champions, Collegiate Champions, and Area Club Junior Champions, etc.).

We offer individual lessons with with any of our three great instructors and/or group lessons with a Student/Teacher ratios never greater than 4:1, (compare to all other programs which use 8:1). We start with good solid fundamentals such as grip, stance, posture, swing-path and club-face control with a focus on improvement of all skills needed at the students level of play. No matter the skill level we excel at improving your child's golf game while they have fun.

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